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How to distinguish the glaze color of ceramic coffee mugs?

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From Xinxiang Ceramic Mugs Manufacturer,In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish the glaze, glaze and underglaze colors of ceramic coffee mugs. Look carefully at the following three methods to distinguish the glaze, underglaze and underglaze colors, OK.

1. Overglaze color is one of the varieties of mid-low temperature color glaze. It refers to the color painting on the burned green body and then baked at mid-low temperature. It is named for the color attached to the glaze. This kind of porcelain is not recommended to be used as tableware because of its trace toxicity.

2. Unglazed colour is a kind of product that is directly colored on the body of porcelain without colouring material, and then covered with a transparent glaze. It is fired at high temperature with the porcelain once after entering the kiln. Its outstanding characteristics and wear-resistant, non-fading, lead-free, non-toxic, smooth and smooth, and easy to operate are the top-grade products of porcelain.

3. Interglaze colour is similar to multicoloured paintings and decals under glaze. Its production process is that the body of the glazed body is burned at 800 degrees low temperature, and then painted on the semi-finished product, then sprayed with thin glaze on the flower surface, and then fired at high temperature. From the surface, the colour is under the glaze, essentially sandwiched between the two glazes, so it is called glaze. Color.
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