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Six Advantages of Fine Bone China Mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-7-6
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer ,Six Advantages of Fine Bone China Mugs.

1. Good Gene: Improving Ceramic Properties by Adding Animal Bone Powder to Porcelain Maternal

Traditional ceramics add some industrial raw materials to improve the performance of ceramics. Bone porcelain is a kind of ceramics which adds herbivorous animal bone powder (mainly bovine bone powder) to the ceramic matrix. The main component of bone powder is calcium phosphate. Calcium phosphate is a kind of amino acid, a nutrient that human body must supplement, and it is a real healthy ceramics. Traditional ceramics do not contain calcium phosphate.

2. Good origin: invented by the British, "foreign monks recite sutras".

Porcelain was invented by the Chinese, but Fine Bone China Mug was invented by the British in 1794 and became popular among the royalty and nobility in Europe.

3. Good-looking: white as jade, thin as paper, transparent as mirror, and sound like melody.

Bone porcelain has four characteristics in appearance: white as jade, clean and transparent, bright as jade; thin as paper, different from traditional ceramics, heavy as paper, light as paper, light and permeable with spirit; transparent as mirror, round and transparent, can be used as lampshades; sound like chime, melodious sound, echo around beams. Set practical and decorative in one.

4. Good character: lead-free, cadmium dissolution, avoid heavy metal poisoning

Bone ceramics, in the firing process, no lead, cadmium and other heavy metals dissolved, to avoid heavy metal poisoning to the greatest extent. Especially in families with children, children have poor resistance and are prone to lead excess or even lead poisoning, leading to a variety of diseases.

5. Married well: exclusive for British royalty and nobility.

In the early days of invention, only royalty and nobility could enjoy bone china. Until the beginning of the 20th century, new rich and celebrities could enjoy it. In recent years, Bone China has gradually become popular all over the world. The Great Hall of the People and Diaoyutai State Guest House are all tableware made of bone china.

6. Wear well: The surface is delicate and smooth, and dishwasher is not needed.

Bone China has a high density, fine and smooth surface. Oil stains on bone china, like dew on Lotus leaves, are very easy to clean. Just give it a gentle flush with warm boiling water. Avoid detergent residues, detergent residues have great harm, the greatest harm will disrupt human metabolism.
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