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How to Solve the Smoke on the Surface of Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-4-13
From Xinxiang Ceramic Coffee Mug Manufacturer,Ceramic coffee mugs are partly or wholly gray, brown or impure white, and their cross sections are also black-brown. The main reason is that carbon is deposited in the body glaze. Before the glaze melts, there is no oxidation elimination. After the glaze melts, carbon is deposited on the glaze surface.

The main causes of carbon deposition on the glaze are as follows: 1. the chimney exhaust force is too weak, the pre-tropical smoke lasts too long, and the flame velocity is too slow; 2. when the truck or kiln is full, the box pillar is too tight and the flame flow is not smooth; 3. the coal-fired tunnel kiln, because of the rapid addition of coal, the fire is not clear and burned, causes the pre-heated flue gas to be too thick; 4. if the inverted flame kiln is used to burn, the coal seam is too thick. 5. Coal quality is poor and the flame is short, such as too strong exhaust force, which makes the upper tribal fires easy to clear, while the lower tribal fires are difficult to clear smoke. If the coal quality is too good, volatile matter is high, it is also easy to make the atmosphere difficult to convert. 6. Carbon monoxide content in the oxidation zone of oil-fired tunnel kiln is too high; 7. During the high heat preservation stage of tunnel kiln, it burns too fast and the rapid cooling gas curtain opens too small, which results in smoke. Gas reflux; 8. insufficient oxidation atmosphere, incomplete oxidation decomposition or reduction atmosphere, glaze fully melted, not yet finished reduction; 9. Pre-tropical temperature is too low; 10. In glaze preparation, too many calcium-containing raw materials or too much alkali powder in grout.

In view of the above situation, the measures to solve the problem of fumigation on the surface of ceramic coffee cups should start from the following aspects: 1. strictly control the atmosphere in the kiln, pay attention to ventilation in the oxidation stage, oxidation should be carried out sufficiently and appropriately, reduction should not be too early or too late; 2. Master the moisture content of the kiln body, properly increase the pretropical temperature, properly code the main box, and strengthen ventilation; 3. Open the atmosphere curtain, and add more ventilation. Big two times air volume and excess air volume can make free carbon completely burned in the pretropical zone; 4. Keep the pressure system stable in the kiln to prevent the back flow of flue gas; 5. Reduction atmosphere should not be too dense in the high-fire insulation stage, and smoke and coal should not be added, and the flame in the furnace should be blue and yellow before coal addition; 6. Reasonable use of quench curtain, in order to prevent the back flow of flue gas, should be sealed in the glaze layer. Before the end of the strong reduction atmosphere; 7. Coal kiln should be based on the coal quality, climate conditions, determine the size of the pumping force, if the volatilization of coal is too high when burning, can increase ventilation, accelerate the pre-burning zone falling smoke. If the volatilization of coal is too low and the fire-holding time is short, the ventilation can be reduced appropriately to make the upper and lower alignment. The order of fire falling should be pre-tropical before firing to prevent smoke storage in pre-tropical zone. 8. Adjust the content of calcium oxide in glaze to make it appropriate. 9. The dielectric in grouting material can be mixed with sodium humate and sodium silicate to reduce the amount of alkali powder.
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