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Points for Attention in Choosing Ceramic Dinnerware

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From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,For ceramic tableware containing food, attention should be paid to the decoration of the contact surface with food.

Ceramic Dinnerware for acidic food should be selected as far as possible with less surface decorative patterns.

Attention should be paid to whether the color of the pattern is bright or not. If it is not bright, it may be that the temperature does not meet the requirements when baking flowers. The lead and cadmium dissolution of this kind of ceramic tableware products is often higher.

Special attention should be paid to those ceramic tableware which can erase patterns by hand. This product has high lead and cadmium dissolution.

For ceramics dishware, you can soak it in vinegar for several hours. If you find obvious color changes, you should abandon it.

When choosing products for microwave ovens, we should avoid products with metal decoration, such as products with gold edge, silver edge or inlaid patterns with gold paper, wire and wire.
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