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Ceramic Cup Safety Knowledge Lead and cadmium 3

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-4-8
From Xinxiang Tea cup Manufacturer,If we pay attention to the quality control of various production links, the problem of lead and cadmium exceeding the standard can be overcome. According to the previous state supervision spot checks, not all products exceed the standard. In the first quarter of 2000 and the second quarter of 2001, the state carried out two successive spot checks on daily-used ceramic dietary utensils. It was found that about 16% of the glaze top coatings were inspected. The lead decoration products are not qualified. These products are mainly produced by small enterprises of individual, private and family workshops. The products produced and sold by large-scale enterprises and regular dealers in big cities are relatively guaranteed in quality.

In addition, previous spot checks also found that the blue pigments in ceramic pigments lead dissolution is higher, if the amount of product decoration is too large, it is easy to lead to product over-lead, which is brought to the attention of consumers.

Generally speaking, we should pay attention to the following two points when choosing and purchasing household ceramic tea cups:

1. Appearance quality ceramics products are inevitably defective due to the complex production process. When choosing and purchasing, we should choose products with no obvious defects on the surface and regular shape. When choosing bowl and plate products, several products can be stacked together to observe the distance between them, the distance is uneven, indicating that the shape of the device is irregular and the deformation is large. For a single product, it can also be buckled back on the glass plate to observe whether it is consistent with the glass plate, in order to judge the size of its deformation. Porcelain products, can be held in the hand, tap the edge of the mouth with your finger, if a hoarse noise, indicating the existence of cracks.

2. The leaching amount of lead and cadmium in the glaze and under-glaze products of colored porcelain products is very little or almost no, so they can be purchased safely.

Choosing and purchasing glazed products should be treated differently according to different purposes of use:

For utensils containing food, attention should be paid to the decoration of the contact surface with food.

For acidic food products, decorative designs should be selected with fewer products than the whole product.

When choosing and purchasing, attention should also be paid to whether the surface of the pattern is bright. If it is not bright, it may be that the sintering temperature does not meet the requirements, and the leaching amount of lead and cadmium from such products is often higher.

Particular attention should be paid to those floor stalls whose patterns can be wiped off by hand. The leaching amount of lead and cadmium is very high.

For products that are not at ease, they can be soaked in vinegar for several hours. If the tone changes obviously, they should be discarded.
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