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Lead and Cadmium in Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-1-3
From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,A 2-year-old child died suddenly in Vancouver, Canada. Medical tests found that the cause of death was that the child drank apple juice from a colored pot for 29 consecutive days, resulting in lead poisoning.

The harmfulness of lead pollution to children is often potential. Before the damage to the central nervous system, it often lacks obvious and typical clinical manifestations and is easy to be neglected. More seriously, the toxic effect of lead on the central nervous system is irreversible. When children's blood lead level exceeds 1 mg/L, it will cause irreversible damage to intelligence development. At present, lead is an internationally recognized carcinogenic toxic substance.

The National Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision has published the results of spot checks on the quality of domestic ceramic tableware, and the qualified rate is only 54.4%. Most of the unqualified products come from collective, individual and private small enterprises, in which the content of lead and cadmium is too high. The leaching amount of lead mainly comes from ceramic tableware pigments decals, such as too large area of decorative materials, inadequate baking temperature or improper processing, will cause lead to excessive leaching amount. The imported colored porcelain articles from abroad can not be taken lightly. Recently, Hong Kong Customs inspected 600 kinds of ceramic tableware from Japan, Italy, Britain, Portugal and other countries, including bowls, dishes, cups and spoons of different sizes. The results showed that 526 items did not meet the international standards, and the failure rate was as high as 88%.

Baby bottles with various bright patterns can make children sick, which many parents had never expected. Not long ago, the Chinese Consumer Association announced that he had found a surprising amount of heavy metals released from colored patterns on the surface of several brands of bottles, which exceeded the European safety standards by 2.20 times and chromium by 1.5 times.

Therefore, in daily life, besides sanitation and disinfection, children should avoid using glazed ceramic tableware and crystal products which are too beautiful. Especially, they should not drink fruit juices or acid drinks which are stored for a long time in order to avoid lead poisoning hidden killer and damage their bodies. In addition, infant (infant food) bottles, water cups and so on should not be used crystal products and surface patterns gorgeous eye-catching. Eating more garlic, eggs, milk, fruit and mung bean soup, radish juice and so on in daily diet can reduce the toxicity of lead pollution.
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