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Types of ceramic mugs materials - Purple clay pottery

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From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Purple sand pottery originated in Song Dynasty and flourished in Ming Dynasty. It is a special product of Dingshan in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. It chooses purple sand mud from armor mud with high iron content. There are special glazed pottery made of purple mud, green mud, yellow mud and other clays. The products are reddish brown, light yellow, green, purple, black and other colors. Because purple sand mud has the advantages of fine texture, strong plasticity, high binding force, small shrinkage (about < 2%) and small deformation, the shape of the product is regular and fine and changeable. It mostly produces medium and small household utensils and display pottery, such as small single pot (holding pot), tea sets, vases, flower bowls, shallow water, etc.

Purple sand pottery is fired in an oxidizing flame, and its firing temperature is generally between 1100 and 1200 C. It has a certain water absorption, and its porosity is between pottery and porcelain. Therefore, the purple sand pot made tea does not lose its original flavor, strong color, fragrance, tea is not easy to mildew deterioration, good thermal stability, durable, there is a "world tea set first" story, many color varieties and other characteristics, welcomed by people at home and abroad.

Purple sand pottery is traditionally made by inlaying method, which is still inherited today. Nowadays, there are also grouting methods for mass production. Rigorous shape, standard specifications, variable shape, there are geometric shapes, but also natural shapes, very rich. Because it is not glazed, mostly adopt engraving and mosaic decoration'pay attention to the traditional techniques of stone carving, very simple and generous, intriguing.
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