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Development of Ceramic Teaware

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers    
From : Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,As the home of tea, China has a long history of tea sets. Teaware culture is also an integral part of tea culture. How did the ceramic tea set develop?

The oldest tea set in history, probably made of pottery, is similar to today's tea pots in Sichuan and Yunnan. It can be used to make tea as well as to hold tea. Though simple in shape, it is heavy and rough. Since the Western Han Dynasty, glazed pottery tea sets have appeared with bright and smooth appearance and bright colors, showing the artistry of tea sets. In the Tang Dynasty, ceramic tea sets were the main type, while gold, silver, copper, tin and other metal tea sets appeared in the aristocracy and wealthy families. In Song Dynasty, black glazed Calendula was the main type of tea set for tea fighting. There were many green and white glazed tea sets in Yuan Dynasty, and purple sand pots appeared in the middle of Ming Dynasty. By the Qing Dynasty, tea wares such as Guangzhou Golden-coloured Porcelain and Fuzhou bodiless lacquerware came out one after another. In modern times, there are glass tea sets and Enamel Tea sets. China's tea sets have a total of thousands of manners, and the art of tea sets is gorgeous and colorful.

There is a close relationship between tea sets and tea drinking methods.

The tea drinking method in Tang and Song Dynasties was to Steamed Fresh leaves, mashed into cakes, and then dried with ropes, called "tea cake" or "cake tea". Tea drinkers grind cake tea into crumbs (also known as final tea) and boil it in a pot to allow the tea to permeate and drink again, so the tea sets at that time were very complicated. Lu Yu, a tea saint, listed 28 kinds of tea sets in his book The Fourth Articles of the Tea Classic. In addition to the tea sets commonly used for boiling, drinking and storing tea, there are also tea sets used for grinding tea: tea grinding and tea Luo.

Tea grinding is a tool for grinding tea. There are wooden tea mill and stone tea mill. Wood tea mills are made from hard, fine, odorless wood. The first class is orange, the second is pear, mulberry, Tung and so on. The grinding of this kind of wood tea consists of "grinding plate" and "grinding down". The shape of the grinding plate is square, and the holes in the middle are cut into round holes, which just allow "degeneration". Rolling down is a log with a wheel in the middle. When grinding tea, the tea cake is crushed by rotating the hand-held shaft and crushing the tea cake by crushing and pressing between the crushing plates.

Tea Luo is called "sieve", and Tea Shenglu Yu calls it "Luohe". The loops are made of bamboo or Chinese fir by baking and bending, and painted on the surface of the loops. Luomian is made of spinning silk. When sifting the tea, cover it to prevent the tea from drifting away. In the Song Dynasty, the Luohuan of Chaluo was fastidiously made of gold and silver, while the Luomian was made of fine silk painted by Sichuan Exi. Tea tasters at that time mostly used tea grinding and self-grinding.

Since Tang and Song Dynasties, tea sets can be divided into pottery tea sets according to their texture. Porcelain tea sets, lacquerware tea sets, metal tea sets. Glass tea sets, bamboo and wood tea sets, etc. In the Song Dynasty, the production of porcelain tea sets was extremely prosperous, and various styles of porcelain tea sets appeared. At that time, the famous porcelain kilns were: Hangzhou Guanyao. Five famous kilns are Longquan Geyao Kiln in Zhejiang Province, Ruzhou Ruyao in Henan Province, Junzhou Junyao in Henan Province and Dingzhou Ding Kiln in Hebei Province. The development of tea sets in China has always been closely related to the development of ceramics.

In Tang and Song Dynasties, because of the use of decocting tea juice, the decocting kettle was made of more metal products, with "gold and silver as the best" and "tea bottle" as the frying water, also known as "decocting bottle".

With the change of tea-making and tea-drinking fashion, from grinding and decocting tea cakes in the Tang and Song Dynasties to boiling the whole leaf with fresh leaves in a pot in the Yuan Dynasty (also known as "evaporating green strips"), to the Ming Dynasty, the "steaming green" was further changed to "fried green", and the method of drinking tea was changed from boiling and drinking to soaking. Therefore, in addition to the original teapots and cups, there was a special "teapot" for tea tasting in the Ming Dynasty. From then on, the teapot and the teapot became the most basic teapot.

Ming and Qing dynasties pay attention to elaborate work and decoration. The cultural atmosphere on tea sets has become more and more strong. In the Qing Dynasty, the production of tea sets entered an unprecedented and colorful period. The main materials for making tea sets, pottery tea sets and porcelain tea sets have been further developed, forming two series of world-famous Jingdezhen porcelain and Yixing purple sand pottery.

Chinese tea sets have been developing and innovating in the long course of history, and their artistry has been continuously enhanced, which has high aesthetic value. In the process of tea tasting, people appreciate all kinds of tea sets at the same time, which has become a natural derivation of tea tasting and a warm and pleasant aesthetic process.
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