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Ceramic Beer Cup Selection from China Manufcturers

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2017-5-25

Beer Cup Manufacturers Selection

1 Flute Beer Cup: Because of its long and narrow shape in the pour beer can stir up enough foam, and will not disappear soon, for the bubble surge show is also very good. General American Irish Beer, French Light Beer, German Fermented Beer, Czech Pearson Beer are very suitable for this glass.

2 holy grail: open large, shallow depth, the bottom wide, thick cup wall, like the shape of the cup of the Holy Grail is very stressed the performance of the bubble, so generally have two fingers wide and delicate bubble beer only use the Holy Grail costumes, this A wider, shallow cup also contributes to the formation of more bubbles in the liquor to supplement the thickness of the foam layer and slows the rate at which the foam disappears. Belgian monastery beer, spirits Aier beer, spicy sweet beer, double beer, three beer, and Berlin wheat beer from Germany, all apply to this cup.

3 bar beer Cup: a long time by hand because of the thicker cup wall without affecting the low temperature of beer, it is suitable for drinking. Beer is the most used beer, American, German, European, and most of the world's beer are applicable, because most of the beer is stressed that the cup and drink, there are low temperatures.

The same bargrass in Germany is covered with a lid, which is to prevent mosquitoes or leaves from entering the cup when drinking outdoors, usually silver, pottery, porcelain and so on. Most of the British beer cups did not handle, because the British self-proclaimed gentleman kingdom, so in order to prevent people to drink more directly after the cup fights, so the beer cups are designed without a handle.

4 Pearson Cup: It is usually fine and long, small and conical, and relatively thin, because it emphasizes watching the Pearson-type beer crystal clear color, as well as the process of rising bubbles, the other wide cup is In order to retain the appropriate foam layer at the top, and to ensure its retention time, basically in line with Pearson's original design, thorough, golden yellow, more bubbles, suitable for drinking. Drink Pilsner in Germany will use this kind of cup.

5 pints Cup: generally close to the cylindrical shape with mild vertebral body, the cup will be slightly larger, close to the cup at a circle of protrusions, easy to grasp, and the protrusions can also help the bubble and the wine itself The resulting odor is retained for a longer period of time. Generally applicable to British beer.

6 Tulip Cup: This cup is used for beer to catch the flavor of the wine itself, so that these tastes are left in a small cup of mouth, when drinking our nose will be exposed to the highest density in the cup, and the big cup Of the design, but also easy to shake the glass to stir the beer, to promote the beer within the sediment more rapid dilution. Applicable to all kinds of tastes with a strong taste of the beer, such as American barley wine, Belgium, such as the color of Ireland. Some people use such a cup and German beer.

7 open tulip cup: it is also based on the characteristics of the tulip cup also stressed the performance of the bubble, so open the opening so that more bubbles reflected. The basic and tulip cups apply to this type of beer cup, like some of the more emphasis on the bubble, such as American-style Irish, Belgian spirits, dark Irish, Flanders red and so on are more suitable for this opening Tulip Cup.

8 mouth cup: This is a very traditional German style straight cup, basically thin and long, cylindrical, used to Sheng thoroughly under the fermentation of beer, this cup can be observed inside the beer bubble surge , Drink it is also more fun. This cup is generally applicable to the Czech Republic's Pearson beer, the German fermentation of beer, of course, there are some can be observed in the bubble rise of alcohol can also be used.

9 wheat beer cup: a German beer brewed beer style, it is close to the shape of wheat modeling, slender, narrow, head wide, open and closed, emphasizing the display of wheat beer itself, the appearance and color of the clouds, the top of the big The opening is small in order to keep more bubbles on top and store the fruit flavor of wheat beer. Do not think that this cup is designed to look like this is no purpose, if you try to know. Use this cup to drink beer, you can not worry about going down to drink the bubble, as long as you confidently lift the glass, the wine will flow into your mouth, and the bubble will not go too much, or even a little go with.

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