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Never Broken Ceramic Mug from China Ceramic Mug Manufacturers

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2017-6-6

Never Broken Ceramic Mug Manufacturers

That day, on TV talk show, I saw an old colleague who hadn't seen each other for fifteen years.

Remember that time in the sales department, all of us are extremely excited to work like fighting, because each month sales task is one million.

As a result, the ceramic water mug are often broken, not only accidentally knocked by colleagues on the ground, but also walking too quickly hit the corner of the table wall.

It's strange that the boss would rather send a new ceramic mug every month than give us a stainless steel cup.

Even more strangely, the colleague worked better than anyone, performing better than anyone else, but his mug never broke.

Every time the boss made a new ceramic mug, he washed the old one and placed them on the shelves of his family. After a few years, the shelves were full of ceramic mugs.

Several years later, he became the regional general manager of the company. On his birthday, the boss and his colleagues suddenly appeared his home, giving him a big cake, a hefty check, and a medal. With his name on it and the signature of the boss, there are some large characters inscribed in the middle:

Never broken ceramic Mug

In the TV interview, he talked about the birthday and his eyes were filled with tears of gratitude.

It turned out that it was in this special way that the boss reviewed and evaluated each employee:

The staff has done a poor job performance, the mug has never broken.

Average employee: the performance is normal, and the mug is broken occasionally.

Key employees: good performance, the mug is often broken.

Excellent staff: the performance is very good, the mug is rarely broken.

Top Excellent staff: outstanding performance, the mug has never been broken.

The more excellent staff, more pressure and busy in front of anxious not impatient, busy but not chaotic, for details, everything in good order and well arranged!

Later, he moved the medals and the mugs to a shop in the city's busiest neighborhood and opened a theme mugs with the bonus the boss gave him.

Every customer in the store will get some inspiration from the mugs and medals, and then buy an expensive creative ceramic mug with his signature.

Each mug is equally marked with large characters:

Never broken ceramic Mug

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