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The Style of the Beer Cup Affects the Beer Flavor (One)

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The Style of the Beer Cup Affects the Beer Flavor (one)

All know to drink different red wine with a different glass, you know in Germany to drink different beer will pay attention to the use of different glasses? Today, XIN XIANG CERAMICS takes you to know which cups are used for beer.

We can first do a small test: If you are hungry in the hot summer hardship, stood two cups of beer (as shown in Figure A and B) you will choose which cup?

Most people will choose A, because the cup is used to drink beer, must raise his chin to drink, because such a cold beer can quickly through the throat, the moment the world will cool down. And if you choose B, the beer may be exposed to the face of drinking, so you must not raise the chin to drink, so that the beer stay in the mouth of the time will become longer, the tongue can give full play to the role of Enjoy the various flavors of beer. So choose a different cup of taste different beer is actually in the enjoyment of beer culture.

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