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Ceramic Coffee Cup Use and Etiquette

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2017-5-18

Ceramic Coffee Cup Use and Etiquette

Tasting coffee is not just a petty bourgeoisie, many people will choose to go to the coffee shop to drink a cup of coffee, or cook coffee at home. After drinking coffee in the meal, usually with a pocket-sized cups out of the cup. The cup of the cup is small, the finger can not wear out. But use a larger cup, do not use your fingers through the cup ears and then cup. The correct use of coffee cup, should be the thumb and index finger pinch the cup and then put the cup end. Choose a coffee cup can choose some fine ceramic coffee cup, will bring their own good mood.

When adding sugar to the coffee, the sugar can be scooped with coffee spoon, directly into the cup; can also be used to hold the candy sugar candy on the side of the coffee dish, and then add the sugar in the cup. If you put sugar in the cup or hand sugar into the cup, sometimes the coffee may be spilled, so dirty clothes or tablecloths. Coffee is specially used to stir the coffee, drink coffee should be taken out of it. No longer use the coffee spoon scoop the coffee spoon a spoon slowly to drink, do not use coffee spoon to mash the cup of sugar.

Drink coffee, you can use the right hand holding the cup of coffee, left hand gently holding a coffee dish, slowly moved to the mouth light sip. Not enough to grasp the cup, big mouth swallowing, should not bow to the coffee cup. When drinking coffee, do not make a sound. When adding coffee, do not take the coffee cup from the coffee tray.

Just cooked the coffee is too hot, you can use the coffee spoon in the cup gently stirring to cool, or wait for its natural cooling, and then drink. Trying to wash the coffee with the mouth, is very elegant action. Coffee cups are special, high-grade coffee will be supporting, they should be placed on the front or the right side of the drink, the ear should point to the right.

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