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Coca-Cola ceramic cup Buy Ceramic Cup mug should pay attention

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Coca-Cola ceramic mug

In the face of this quite a mixed bag of social market an array of cups, you may face the Ling Lang everywhere cup dazzled, do not know should choose what kind of cup the?. Now with the development of the economy, what material on the market are there, such as metal material, plastic material, glass material, etc.. Always thought that cup just pick it, accordingly, some experts remind, choose a cup can be is not a simple matter, because it related to your physical and mental health, still please a lot of observation, that I teach you a good way!
According to the market survey, the plastic cup is subject to the most people love, and its shape is changeable and not easy to break, but the plastic itself has a lot of safety hazards, the installation of hot water is your choice, it is best not to use, in order to prevent toxic substances in the case of hot water. Ceramic cup seems to be a good choice of ceramic cup, ceramic tableware and other ceramic products are all up to 1280 degrees above the stove, can be completely non absorbent and high temperature resistance. If the toxic poison can stand up to 1280 degrees of another in our daily life is not very high temperature object into the ceramic cup or bowl, up to 100 degree boiling water, hot oil to 23 degrees, compared with ceramic cup, bowl is really too easily the? The characteristics of ceramic cups and fine texture, color white, bright glaze, tire thin, and all the materials in the glass, ceramic cup is your good choice.
How to buy? In the purchase of ceramic cup, if we are not clear about whether the safety certification testing of ceramic products should be avoid picking color too bright coloured and painted pottery, should try to choose pure white. But be sure to pay attention to the following optional ceramic cup "four words", namely, to see, than, try:
The first principle of: look, that is a good choice, what escape, first of all, to the ceramic cup and carefully observe again. A porcelain glaze is smooth lubrication, no scratches, holes, spots to see whether the shape of regular, deformation, to look at the picture there is shortage of non-destructive and at the bottom is flat.
Second principles is listening: listen to gently knock sound ceramic cup. Such as sound crisp, sweet, delicate porcelain dense, no dehiscence, such as sound dumb, you can tell there is crack damage porcelain, or porcelain is not completely.
Third principle is... Comparison! And for supporting porcelain to the accessories, see the appearance and decorative screen is coordinated, this is also the focus of!.
The fourth principle is to try: try to cover, try loading, test. Some porcelain with a lid, and some ceramic cup by a few components, in the selection of ceramic cup, do not forget to cover the lid, the components of the test assembly to see if appropriate, some will not fit, is completely inconsistent, and some even color will have a color. You still have to pay attention.
Once China Health Care Association of food nutrition and safety professional committee sun Shuxia professor on the cup, when it comes to drink from a cup of human body is very important, I hope everyone from today, pay more attention to healthy drinking water, health cup, drinking water, health, tread the path of healthy, let our life better!!
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