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ceramic coating mugs cups There are several styles of ceramic cup mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
ceramic coaing mugs cups

Have we ever had this experience? What do we have to do when we have a drink? Why use glass and plastic bottles? We in the Coffee hall inside or inside their cups with? Therefore, the ceramic cup style decided to use the scope of the ceramic cup, so each kind of people will have the right kind of ceramic cup, like people's clothes each have their own form! Look carefully chosen.
When we are at a meeting, we have to use a type called the meeting cup, you can not help asking: "why?" Because: the conference cup with a solemn, the atmosphere, usually a cover cup. Modeling: such as as a foreign affairs enterprise cup, cup cover often Chinese, namely the lid with dome, the cup body for the modern style, trumpet shaped cup for foreigners to use; Chinese cup cover, cover cup very traditional, followed the style of porcelain Mao. Simple meeting cup, not with tea, tea, tea cup bottom, the meeting process of tea is not repeated processing. Another meeting cup for tea. Cover is usually flat cover, tea bubble open, the tea can be placed in the back of the cup cover, so that you drink tea more convenient, let you easily enjoy the taste of tea.
We will use one of the most simple, most practical, straight, ceramic cups that you can often see. This cup is a very classic style, they are the most suitable for tea, coffee, milk, etc.. Cup body is cylindrical, the handle is the C font. Whether it is from the cost of speaking, or from the economy is the most cost-effective. Cylindrical cup body, suitable for the production of a large range of advertising design, style is also suitable for many levels of people. So it is easier to clean the cylinder cup. Suitable for business exhibition gifts, or for the purchase of activities. If you are doing business in this cup I see that you are a good choice for the economy and benefits.
Whether we have seen that like the cup that big belly, like a boss stand his beer belly, cocoa, called the big belly cup his proper name: drum type cup is a more graceful lines of products. They are suitable for milk, Coffee style, display the form not to stick to one pattern. Relatively speaking, the cup is often used for specific groups, such as coffee shops, tea houses, etc.. So you have to be more noble and elegant! A very good feeling, it is your pursuit of noble choice.
There is also a Memorial Cup! The Memorial Cup, they often need to unique, let a person look different, whether you are from the material, this often choose bone china cups that bone china has its unique characteristics: characteristics of thin, light, transparent, higher grade of products, more easily accepted by the person of high-grade group, this. Memorial Cup can also choose glaze cup, some customers from the cup shape design, modeling and real-time character or clever collocation, this market is often very rare, more innovative cup, more worthy of collection. A far more meaningful than the physical memory, China easy old, was easy, one is forever!
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