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embossed ceramic mugs cups Foreign trade situation is more complex and more complex than expected

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embossed ceramic mugs cups

This year, the world's economic depth adjustment is still continuing, the overall recovery is weak, the outlook is still uncertain. Downward pressure on the domestic economy, import and export growth has dropped, but the quality of foreign trade has improved.
According to the data released by the General Administration of customs, in September, the total import and export value reached 2224124000000 yuan, of which the total export value of 1300114000000 yuan, the total import value was 923982000000 yuan, the trade surplus was 376132000000 yuan. After the adjustment of the season, in September this year, import and export value fell by 5.7%, of which exports increased by 1.2%, imports fell by 14%. Total import and export value growth of 11.1%, of which exports increased by 10.8%, imports increased by 11.5%.
Export improvement in imports downturn
Trade, general trade exports grew by 2.1%, compared with August increased by 6.2 percentage points; processing trade grew by 11%, compared with August increased by 18.5 percentage points. This is more sensitive to the export of processing trade orders, as well as the main reason for the export better than expected.
On the export structure, the United States and ASEAN performance is better; processing trade continued to deteriorate, labor intensive products performance is poor, steel exports hit a record high. The import structure, raw material prices drag effect is not strong, structure remains agricultural products better and the middle reaches of the worst, resources and raw materials imports quantity is acceptable pattern.
Import and export countries, the main export country's growth rate has improved, technology intensive products export growth recovery. Export growth sub appeared mostly improve the situation: which to the United States and India's export growth significantly positive, exports to Japan and the European Union also has some improvement, import is showing the full range of weakness, import the object in addition to Vietnam, Canada is a growing state outside, others have a downward trend, especially the BRIC partner country imports decline of more than 20 percent above. In September export good for China's economy is relatively positive signal, but comparison, U.S. export growth continued to decline, Germany, Japan, August exports dropped significantly, indicating that export situation is a problem faced by all the countries. IMF again cut global economic growth, global demand, emerging market turmoil is still an important factor in China's exports are facing. However, exports have improved, but the import of Chinese domestic demand has not improved or the market is more emphasis on the signal.
September 2015 China's Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 49.8%, an increase of 0.1 percentage points over the previous month. From the 12 sub indices, the same as the previous month, production, new orders, export, import, purchase price, supplier delivery time index rose slightly, the backlog of orders, finished goods inventory, purchasing, raw material inventory, production activity is expected to decline slightly, the employee index and last month. Comprehensive analysis of view, the September PMI index slightly improved, indicating that the economic downturn trend has slowed down, steady growth policy effect began to show.
Many problems exist in the development of foreign trade
September 2015 China's foreign trade export leader index was 34, unchanged from August, the end of the 6 months of decline. But at the same time, we must also see the current development of China's foreign trade still exist some difficulties. For example, the first three quarters, China's bilateral trade with the EU, Japan fell 7.9% and 11%, foreign investment enterprises, state-owned enterprises import and export fell 6.3% and 13%, respectively, processing trade imports fell by 10.5%. In the first three quarters of this year, China's foreign trade import and export growth rate fell significantly, especially exports have also been negative growth. Preliminary analysis, mainly in the following aspects: first, the pace of world economic recovery is slow, the global trade continued downturn; two is the high cost of integrated, the traditional competitive advantage is significantly weakened; three is the international commodity prices continue to fall, pull low import growth. This year, the world's economic depth adjustment is still continuing, the overall recovery is weak, the outlook is still uncertain. Downward pressure on the domestic economy, import and export growth has dropped, but the quality of foreign trade has improved. Although the government has recently introduced a stable foreign trade policy, but the key to steady growth in the domestic demand, in order to ensure the role of consumption as a growth stabilizer unchanged at the same time, increase investment in fixed assets, especially in the policy is relatively sensitive infrastructure investment.
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