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ceramic magic mugs cups making ceramic color changing mugs cups

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
ceramic magic mugs cups making ceramic color changing mugs cups

Production process of materials required: computer, film and plate making equipment, printers, screen version, mug (high 9cm. 8 cm in diameter), baking cup machine, oven, dye sublimation ink and sensitive ink. Image making and processing 1 prepress:
Cup design five palm grip pattern for the image can through ordinary printer to print out of the can. This image 20mm, 25mm wide, in the ordinary printer cartridges with dye sublimation ink printing. Print paper select the surface of the more smooth on the paper is good, so that the transfer of ink.
We adopt is direct film drying nets, so the film because of direct film drying method, simple and easy to control, the film has a variety of thickness, print smooth screen durable and very fine line, of all yarn has excellent adhesion force. Using direct film usually gauze used 120T-165s.
(1) the first making a net box, using skew the tension and the network of the tension and the network, at an angle of 22.5 pull the net after cleaning screen, does not need to be dry. In screen coated with a layer of photosensitive glue, can hang 3-5 times to ensure the photosensitive glue layer thickness, this time to pay attention to is to switch off the lights in the sunlight, the side photoptic gum caused by failure.
(2) after the drying screen, will direct the film gently on the screen, use transparent tape will film fixed into the exposure machine exposure is performed. Vacuum guarantee film and printing plate, in the middle do not have bubbles, so as not to affect the exposure of the picture and text effects, because the printing plate on the image and text part is not subject to light irradiation does not occur, the photosensitive adhesive can be dissolved in water, and then only after the screen printing plate, forming a transparent part, ink can penetrate.
(3) next to the developing process, can be used to flush the water spray gun pattern completely clear show.
(5) completed, with BLOCKOUTS pulp (BLUE FILLER) for plate pinhole repair and filling the edge of the frame. With a scraper or cardboard to block slurry in plate pinhole or box edges lightly coated, such as dry finished screen.
(6) on the machine.
The mixed proportion of spot color ink 45 degrees and 75 degrees 2 ink printing process. Above 45 degrees and 75 degrees of the ratio of 3: 0
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