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Food-grade silicone lid ceramic Lock Cup mug Ceramics for daily inspection whiteness

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Food-grade silicone lid ceramic Lock Cup mug

whiteness test is an important issue is how toevaluate the brightness of an article. Evaluation of whiteness has a long history, there are many formulas which express the world, there had been more than one hundred kinds of whiteness formula, has not been a unified standard, mainly due to the whiteness of the people by the naked eye, and long-term impression with a reflection of the comparison. Neutral white and color cast white, which is more in line with people's long-term view, inconclusive. Definition of whiteness: in the visible region of the spectrum, the diffuse reflectance spectrum of 100% are ideal surface whiteness of 100 degrees, the diffuse reflectance spectra are absolutely black surface whiteness of zero is zero. (A) Test conditions 1, the lighting conditions: the CIE1975 0 / d condition that the vertical illumination, integration should diffuse reflection received geometry. 2, the measured color pattern: the CIE1964XYZ supplementary standard colorimetric system. 3, the measured color light source: D56 light source. (B) examine the formula currently used to characterize the general formula internationally whiteness has CIE82 whiteness formula (glycosides Heights whiteness), a wavelength of 457nm blue whiteness (based Templeton function defined whiteness). Ceramics for daily use, the result of less material, could not be collected whiteness formula of the countries concerned, but the former Soviet Union with a blue whiteness evaluation kaolin whiteness. The current test of whiteness, is under test conditions using a widely used internationally, and a whiteness formula samples by comparing each porcelain production areas, sorting and obtained points plainer and yellow two formulas: plainer W = Y -259 (X-Xn) +3 (Y-Yn) yellow W = Y + 818 (X-Xn) -1365 (Y-Yn) for export enterprises, if the importing country or foreign whiteness index is required, should learn more about Evaluation of its whiteness, and not simply that domestic data to meet the requirements of the inspection report to the difference between this could lead to controversy whether the indicator.
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