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Paw Patrol ceramic mugs cups Greek banks to resume operations tomorrow

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Paw Patrol ceramic mugs cups

After up to 17 hours of negotiations, the Greek risk was finally rescued from the back edge of the back of Europe. As the cost of 86 billion euros to regain assistance payments, the Greek Prime Minister Qipulasi (Alexis Tsipras) accepted the European Union (EU) intervention of the strongest-ever bailout.

Greek Prime Minister with the good news has returned home, and the Greek people are most concerned about has been closed more than two weeks when the bank can return to normal? In this regard, the Greek Ministry of Finance today (July 14) announced that the country's banking sector will continue to close, until three (July 15) this week.

In the run increasingly serious situation, starting from June 29 to implement capital controls in Greece, the bank closed for business, the withdrawal amount is limited to 60 euros per day per account. According to media reports, in a few days ago, the Greek central bank [microblogging] was also requires each bank executives to discuss the possibility of the daily withdrawal limit from 60 euros to 20 euros.

When July 6, the Greek Economy Minister  (Giorgos Stathakis) has publicly admitted that the Bank of Greece on the brink of collapse. "As a result of the Bank of Greece is rapidly depleted cash, the Greek central bank is requesting an emergency loan for the country's banks more."

Right now, with the new agreement with creditors to reach Greece, the Greek banking sector finally temporary access to adequate liquidity to ease the tension of the Greek population. On Saturday (July 11), publicly stated that after an agreement with international creditors, the bank will be open for business as soon as next week, but may also need to implement capital controls, at least two months.

However, residents are worried that Greece so that, after the country's government has repeatedly postponed the scheduled opening date of the bank, the industry is also expected, on Wednesday after the Greek government needs to assess the situation in order to ultimately decide whether to restore banking.

Some media reported that the capital controls in Greece two weeks time, live orderly Greek people, although people who go shopping less certain than in the past, but plenty of supermarket goods, customers queue up, did not show chaos .

Greek residents told the media that the situation of capital controls is expected to lead to a long heart. "We are now the recipients is to extract 60 euros per day, when the need to pay more than 60 euros, you use a credit card. Even if banks reopen, it will only gradually return to normal, for example, now you can get 60 euros a day, after a while become 100 euros, then slowly increase it. "

There are also resident in Greece before the implementation of capital controls, queuing through the night at the bank, take out large sums of cash at home use.

This is the peak of summer tourism in Greece, but due to security concerns in Greece and the country's capital controls inconvenience, resulting in many of the original plan to go to the Greek people who travel have to cancel or postpone the trip, so that the whole of Greece's tourism industry significantly affected.

"The most difficult is the beginning of a week of capital controls, as was a run on automatic teller machines near the rapture empty. Although credit card payment is available, but guests to the surrounding perform other spending, not necessarily card, then resort to will lend cash to the guests, be they take the money and then return. "Greece a resort manager said in an interview.

According to the British "Financial Times" reported that the final agreement reached with creditors in Greece, including Greece, some of the most valuable public assets, included a � 50 billion privatization fund, the fund supervised by the EU. A diplomat from Germany believed that the creditors agreed to the terms of Greece into an economic protectorate.

Meanwhile, Mr Tsipras also accepted the rescue package by the IMF supervisors include IMF on Greek domestic economy, including high-level oversight and supervision of the Greek plan by the EU comprehensive reform of public administration.

It is reported that before the end of Wednesday, Qipulasi also must pass a series of economic commitments, including the overhaul of the country's value-added tax system, a comprehensive reform of pensions, which is this week against a basket of financing options precedent in formal negotiations conditions, the purpose of the financing program is to prevent rapid deterioration of the Greek economy into bankruptcy.

French President Francois Hollande ?(Fran�ois Hollande) at the end of yesterday's negotiations, said: "We once thought that we could lose a member of the euro area, but that Europe will regress, we then have to succeed."

Greek exit from the euro crisis alert lifted investors sigh, thus promoting European stocks rose nearly 2% yesterday. Mark Haefele UBS Wealth Management Global Chief Investment Officer in the latest report, along with ease of events in Greece, recommended the stock holdings of the euro area and the United States and the euro area high-yield bonds.
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