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Christams ceramic mugs cups Quality Standard of Ceramics

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Christams ceramic mug cups

Chinese ancient ceramics, ceramic culture and long history, but also numerous types of ceramics, porcelain ceramics for daily use eating utensils follow traditional characteristics and classification of species, existing national standards 8: GB / T 3532-1995 "ceramic ware" GB / T 13522-92 "ashes porcelain", GB / T 10811-89 "daily fine blue and white porcelain", GB / T 10812-89 "exquisite blue and white porcelain daily fine", GB / T 10814-89 "white of senior daily fine porcelain ", GB / T 10813-89" daily green porcelain ", etc., as well as a number of industry standards and local products, such as QB / T 3732-99" common pottery "and so on. GB / T 3532-1995 "porcelain for daily use" maximum coverage, contains all the characteristics of ceramic products in addition to outside. 'Bone' is introduced from abroad since the reform and opening up technology to produce high-end products, other types belong to our specialty products. Assess the quality of ceramic products are mainly technical indicators Appearance Quality ---
Appearance is an important indicator of product quality classification of our current products and product standards are divided into superior products, primary products, qualified Class 3. Excellence in goods equivalent to the international advanced level, a product for the domestic advanced level, quality products for the domestic average. Appearance superior product quality has basically reached the "five no one small" requirement that no spots, no drop residue, colorless dirty, no pinholes, no glazed abrasions, deformation. Spots (black spots), commonly known as fly feces, if spotted, always gives existence to unclean feeling on the product, thus affecting appetite. First grade and quality products that allow a greater presence on the defects loose demanding than high-class product. Lead and cadmium
Lead and cadmium are important indicators of the safety and health of ceramic products. Lead, cadmium presence is due to the product surface decoration patterns of ceramic pigment contains the ingredients due to the presence of lead is also possible for the lower product surface glaze firing temperature due to join the lead component. If the production process control properly, can easily cause excessive dissolution during use of lead, cadmium, and often the use of such products can lead to lead, cadmium and heavy metal poisoning.
National Standard GB12651-92 "ceramic ware in contact with food of lead or cadmium permissible limits" is a national mandatory standards, its scope covers all household ceramic eating utensils. Standard: lead, cadmium release any single product must not exceed the permissible value specified in the table, standard table.
Test Method: 4% (V / V) acetic acid solution into the test sample until 5mm away from the overflow outlet far, soak for 24 hours at 20  2  ambient temperature, the measurement of lead or cadmium. Thermal stability
Thermal stability is the product does not appear in the heat exchanging cracks or damage. The quality of the thermal stability of ceramic products reflect the life, the greater the temperature difference between the cold and hot, and its service life is longer. Standard provisions generally heated to 180  then put 2 0  water, remove the observed damage, this temperature is not damaged, its life is generally up to 2 to 3 years.
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