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Decals ceramic cup, decorating ceramic cup ceramic cup LOGO DECORATED ceramic cup testing standards

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Decals >ceramic mug, decorating ceramic cup ceramic cup LOGO

1. Decal decals location must meet the request or to confirm a consistent model; 2. decorating colors must conform request or confirm a consistent model; 3. paper flower patterns, fonts must confirm that the model is consistent; 4. Product can not have a large or obvious popcorn, color dirty;
Thickness: 9 "The following products (including 9") Thickness of acceptable range: 0.5mm; 9 "above products (not including the 9") Thickness of acceptable range:  1mm;
Capacity: 500cc following products (including 500cc) Capacity acceptable ranges:  4%; 500cc or more products (excluding 500cc) containment acceptable ranges:  3%;
Weight: 500 grams products (including 500 grams) weight acceptable ranges: 20 g; 500 g or more products (not including 500 g) acceptable weight ranges: 3%;
Disadvantage test time can be divided into three categories: 1 disadvantage absolutely unacceptable; 2 serious shortcomings; and 3 minor shortcomings.... Absolutely unacceptable drawbacks:
It is this shortcoming will result in the use of the individual will be a dangerous situation, or is beyond the country's safety regulations. Such as crack glazes and paper flowers of lead and cadmium exceeded SGS standards.
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