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porcelain ceramic mugs cups Pottery types of beans

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
porcelain white ceramic mug cups

Statistics show that in recent years the field of archaeological excavations, had already begun to appear as early as the late Neolithic pottery beans in our country, such as in 1978 in Shandong Tai'an City dawenkou unearthed an octagonal pattern pottery beans, the bean-high 28.4 cm, diameter 26 cm, clay terracotta pots shaped bean dish, round beveled lip, speakers high ring foot, abdomen and Quanzu site crimson smear pottery, clothing, oblique rim face painted white to color, on which is brown, red painted on top of a triangle with a number of vertical pattern composed of white belly with white color on dark red painted pottery clothes five square octagonal star decoration, strong colors, ornamentation symmetrical composition, called our pottery art. To the Shang and Zhou and the Spring and Autumn Period, pottery beans decreased, began to appear bronze beans. In the Tang Dynasty, especially the rapid development of the Song Dynasty, porcelain industry, making porcelain firing bean common practice. Ming and Qing dynasties, although this is gradually less bean-shaped, but we still can Glimpse pupil cup from everyday use to trace the beans. Speaking of ancient China beans, can be described in different styles, with a high handle beans, dwarf bean stalk, shallow pan of beans, beans, deep dish, plain beans, colored beans, holes beans, beans, and other relief style. Texture is also varied, with pigeon pea, bean pottery, bronze beans, Beans, beans, lacquerware, porcelain beans, etc., can be described as colorful, popular with people of all ages. Here, the author describes several different times in particular, different textures and shapes of beans, so let's go look for better understanding of the development trajectory and beans.
1. sand Pottery beans: April 1982 Wangjiang ocean late Neolithic temple unearthed, through high 10.5 cm, 18.8 cm diameter, plain, bowl-shaped, round lips, grabbing the mouth, pale belly, flared Quanzu.
2. muddy gray pottery beans: April 1986 Henan Linli Taishanmiao unearthed late Neolithic, 18.3 cm high, 22.5 cm diameter, 8 cm deep dish, arc wall, deep dish, ring foot off the lower part of the wall, There are ribs, shank, shank has Lou hole. 3. glazed pottery beans: 1959 unearthed the tomb of Tunxi week, 6.1 cm high, 10.1 cm diameter, 11.9 cm abdominal diameter, straight mouth, flat edge, oblique, abdominal oblique shoulder adduction, drive under the direct flared ring foot, shoulder decorated with string lines. 4. Bronze beans: 1923 Lee County, Shanxi hunyuan Warring States tomb unearthed Village, 20.7 cm high, 17.5 cm diameter, covered, cover top with handle, both sides of the body has a ring ears, short handle, the upper was spherical, Quanzu small, whole objects from top to bottom are decorated with inlaid copper hunting pattern, vividly depicting the intrepid hunters, worked hard and beasts flee the scene, a dynamic pattern.
5. painted lacquer beans: in 1978 with the county in Hubei drum pier tomb unearthed, 24.7 cm high, thick wooden tires, full cover consists of five parts, disc, ear, stem and base composition, cover the top of the arc, double Towering at both ends of the ear, and ears on the cover, begin with imitation bronze high relief carving of a dragon decoration harassment, and lined with painting, sculpture and lacquer called a combination of rare treasures. 6. three polychrome beans: 1999 Huaibei Liu Zi Tang Dynasty unearthed canal, 6.2 cm high, 12.8 cm diameter, beans dish for exposure to the outside rim roll, folding the abdomen, the short, flared Quanzu to yellow, green and white color glaze.
7. Blue and White Porcelain beans: March 1988 Wangjiang Yang Wanxiang Dragon Song tomb unearthed Tsui, 10.5 cm high, 9.8 cm diameter, bottom diameter of 6.5 cm, its shape consists of three parts, like a spoon-shaped upper half, Yu belly decorated with zoned pattern, there are two layers of cake out along the middle, below the bottom cover for Handicap shaped ring foot, sleek, white glaze in flash green, blue in the obvious white, smooth and mellow, with a typical blue and white porcelain in Jingdezhen Song charm.
8. porcelain beans: the fall of 1985, Anhui Wangjiang North Song Dynasty tomb unearthed in the village, high 13 cm, diameter 9.5 cm, bottom diameter of 6.5 cm, roll out rim, deep abdominal, abdominal decorated with zoned pattern, the shorter, prescribe Xianwen, flared ring foot, the production of fine enamel clean, bright mild glaze.
In summary, we can learn: First, the texture of the beans are grown from pottery to porcelain, bronze, lacquer and further development; the second is the shape of beans from a shallow dish-shaped, short to evolve into a deep dish-shaped, long handle; Third beans ornamentation is developed from plain to have ornamentation; Fourth bean production is from coarse to fine, simple to harassment, low level to high level. Until after the Yuan Dynasty, beans cup shape gradually replaced by the pupil.
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