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12OZ ceramic coffee cup Song three color

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
12OZ ceramic mug coffee cup

Following the Tang, Song continued to produce three-color filter, Cizhou Department each kiln and Deng Feng, Xiuwu, Baofeng in Henan and other places its main production areas, Chi Gong county in Henan Song Tamura also found that three-color kiln.

Compared with the Tang, Song three color to life appliance-based, there are pillows, wash, spoon, bowl, plate relatively small, pagoda and some toys, figurines. Song three color Taizhi some rough pine, containing impurities; some fine hard, fetal gray or white color was light red in the pan, the surface coated with a layer of soil makeup. Glazed with green, yellow, brown-based, as well as red, black and green, etc., almost no blue glaze. Its mottled glaze pottery was not as bright, but it is very vigorous, dignified, deep simplicity, distinctive.
Song three-color pottery decoration techniques than the rich, scratching, printing, Screen printing, Duisu and decals, flower decoration and more black birds, and other figures and wave pattern, graceful and elegant style.
Song three-color common type of pillows, there are ceramic and porcelain. Pillow, originated in Sui, popular in the Tang, Song, Jin, Yuan generations, mainly used as bedding, but also to ward off evil spirits, Streams, feeling the pulse and burial, etc., there are round the waist shape, rectangular, and other wishful head shape . Tianjin Museum possession of a Song three-color pillows, pillow-shaped head smug face, green glaze painting lotus water ripples, yellow glaze applied to the body pillow, white lion sculpture and three, two dancers, dancers waving streamers, as if to be a lion. Whole objects ornamentation smooth lines, shiny glaze, the screen is full of rich folk flavor of life, gives a lively feeling. 1966 County of Henan Song Fa Hai Temple secret base palace unearthed Song stupa three color, shape and glaze off each other, colorful, reflecting the Song three color superb craftsmanship
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