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ceramic musical/melody mug cups Pottery beans

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
ceramic musical/melody ceramic mug cups

China is considered the world's attention to the diet of the country, in the field of Chinese traditional culture, food culture occupies a prominent position. In ancient society, people on the "eat" is also very particular about. Some of the "Zhou" in the officials in charge of affairs has to statistics, service personnel emperors living area, there is 60% responsible for the management, provide diet. Advocating diet, must pay attention to eating utensils, tableware commonly used in ancient times there Ding, Gui, Ge, Yu, London, pots, beans, spread more than ten kinds, each with its own purpose, each with its own position.
Pottery origin beans
What beans? "Dictionary" Radical 151: "beans, meat also," that is quite later with a high ring foot plate, which is composed of two parts, the foot plate and handle. "Book of Taiga pepole": "Indian flourished in beans, beans on board in." "Bean mince also, Tang grand soup too." "Zhou day official mince people": "mince palm four beans of the real person." "Whoever sacrifices were recommended real shame beans, guests funeral discipline, the same applies." Han Dong Zhongshu 'Fanlu Festival righteousness ":" Festival ancestral temple, also the supreme object of thick, solid Erotic beans "," real beans, leek too. " Description beans uses a wide range, not only the people living in the practical device, but also a kind used for ritual ceremonies, which appeared very early age, has a long history.
As food containers, tripod for placing meat, Gui for placement cereals, beans, although no tripod, Gui so prominent, but also the seat surface of essential food containers, and the use of more common. Usually a combination of beans into even dedicated to a variety of complementary dishes Sheng home or pickles, meat and the like. As these food items is very complex, so when the nobles feast with a very large number of beans. "Zhou" set: "Where the princes of the ceremony, the Peaberry forty three Shiyou Er Houbo beans, beans twenty four male child." "Book? Ritual "slightly less said the number of those:" Emperor of beans, twenty-six, ten, six gentlemen, princes Shiyou Er, eight on the doctor, the doctor under six, "" Book of Songs "in the description of a large aristocratic feast. Psalm scenes, mostly referred to the use of beans. Such as "Albany beginning of the feast": "at the beginning of the feast, there are about rank rank Chu basket for fruits beans.." As bamboo basket for fruits, dried fruits dedicated to bloom; rank, Chu, describe numerous food is on display and orderly. "Xiaoya Chu ci" words "for the bean hole Shu", "Taiga both drunk" word "basket for fruits beans Jing Jia", "Han Yi" word "basket for fruits and beans there," "pepole" words "Mao Sheng Yu beans, "said Bean device are numerous, lush dishes, beans seen how important it is in the seat surface. Bean is the largest number of pre-Qin Hebei use food containers, supposedly unearthed bronze ritual vessels should account for a large proportion, but in fact unearthed bronze beans and handed down but very few, far and Ding, Gui and other food relative ratio. Scholars have explained that this may be because most of the beans or lacquered ceramic products, can not long preserve fragile mortal reason. In addition, I am afraid that when people with a series of ritual and knowledge of primary and secondary relationship. Beans although large amount, but it Sheng Chen, after all, with kind of side dish, since only adjust taste role and can not be placed staple utensils same position with the tripod, Gui, etc., so the burial ritual combination of the series, is often omitted It may also be unearthed bronze beans less a reason.
However, the bean is mostly clay, Shang and Zhou bronze pottery beans beans is generic, but due to the amount of beans is too difficult to make both bronze. Neolithic pottery beans already exist for people of primitive society, the pottery beans just a food containers only, what foods can be placed, not so much stress, so the beans mostly deep belly pan, pot-shaped form. Later aristocracy dedicated beans landscapes adorned with miscellaneous meat dish, focusing on many categories, but not in the high-capacity, so smaller shallow dish of beans, appear in the handle and constantly heightening, stamped on some devices. Characters in the "bean" is the one foot, shank, pan, cover and taste of the pictograph. For example unearthed in Lanzhou City, the small village of Ping Majiayao culture pottery beans, 16.4 cm high, 24 cm diameter, bottom diameter of 15 cm. Wide mouth, folded lip, deep belly beans dish close, won at the end, sessile, flared ring foot. Rhizoglyphus for flower-shaped arc around the tooth, flat strips on both sides of the abdomen style small round ears. Quintana painted black color, trim abdominal rim at the wide strip Xian Wen, Department of decorative water ripples belly, belly portion of the ring foot wide strip Xianwen each decorated two weeks. Abdominal next week along rough Xianwen, wall painted by spinning band composed of coarse-arc, perfect circle center volume wave pattern. Majiayao culture pottery art pottery is our peak, not only the composition of numerous, and the name painted bright dazzle the world, but also because of the color and use within Guanjue moment. Majiayao culture pottery patterns in the most commendable is its water ripples, waves swirl pattern and volume patterns. The ancestors of the river's long-term observation and experience, sublimation as a styling inspiration, with succinct and lively brushwork, the beauty of a variety of dynamic water condensation in the crosslinked continuous pattern, give the viewer with great visual enjoyment . This pottery to fine beans, and water ripples and waves of grain volume, internal and external color harmony match, sharp lines and smooth, full of flowers and not excessive, coarse grain and impressive, as the horse culture pottery kiln in the boutique. This bean is a national heritage, are collected in the Gansu Museum.
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