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double wall ceramic mug ,"I'm not paper cup" porcelain mugs
Ceramic tableware best in large supermarkets, large shopping malls to buy.
Recently, AQSIQ announced, through the 10 provinces, municipalities, 60 companies produce 60 kinds of household ceramic products for sampling, sample pass rate of 78.3%, small business sample pass rate was 63.6%. In this regard, experts advise consumers, if long-term use of substandard products, lead glazed ceramics containing color will gradually enter the body through eating, causing lead poisoning, so be careful when buying ceramic tableware choice, if conditions permit, also may be appropriate to use some of the relevant alternatives. Shenzhen major supermarkets have not yet found unqualified ceramic tableware
Ceramics for daily use is almost a necessity of our lives. But in the July 10 checks AQSIQ conducted, ceramics sample pass rate of 78.3%, small business sample pass rate was 63.6%. Household ceramic products of inferior quality products mainly in the part of the excessive amount of lead leaching and thermal stability both failed. Sampling of 60 kinds of products, there are seven kinds of products far exceeded the amount of lead leaching, individual products exceeded 28.7 times. There are four kinds of products found in the random thermal stability does not meet the standard requirements. It is understood that the different building and sanitary ceramics, ceramics for daily life and are closely linked. If long-term use of substandard products, lead glazed ceramics containing color will gradually enter the body through eating, causing lead poisoning. The thermal stability of substandard products, in the course will be cracking phenomenon. If you continue to use, easy to penetrate through the cracks and dirt can not be cleared, resulting in bacterial growth, affect human health and, when food containing high temperature may occur during burst or heavier foods containing a fracture, cause harm to humans.

Insiders said that, there are many small producers do not have the means of physical and chemical testing of lead or cadmium projects such as mandatory standards, mandatory targets for mandatory national standards required no strict control measures, resulting in product quality is difficult to be guaranteed . According to the reporter, Shenzhen, Wal-Mart, Carrefour and other large supermarkets, household ceramic tableware mostly in Guangdong, Shenzhen, product, no checks in substandard products appear. Ceramics "alternatives" glass tableware
Glass tableware color clarity, crystal clear, some heavy, some light, much used in the cup, fruit category. Glass tableware color styling easier. Glass tableware, high temperature, non-toxic substances, but sometimes because of the long-term erosion by water, carbon dioxide and sodium silicate glass in the air to form a white crystalline carbonate, its harm to human health, usually with soap and other alkaline substances After washing to remove mildew. Market price: 15 to several hundred dollars wooden cutlery
Wooden cutlery or thick, simple, or simple, natural. May have a strong sculptural, easily obtained, and no toxic effects of chemical substances. But their weakness is easily contaminated than other tableware, moldy. If not pay attention to disinfection, can lead to intestinal infectious diseases. Market price: 10-100 dollars stainless steel cutlery
A lightweight, durable, abrasion does not rust, low-cost advantages.
But stainless steel is made from iron-chromium alloy infiltrated nickel, molybdenum, titanium and other trace metals, trace elements harmful, and therefore used to pay attention, do not bloom salt, soy sauce, vinegar for a long time. Do not use stainless steel cooking utensils medicine. Market price: 10-30 dollars temperature plastic cutlery
The advantage is light, beautiful, not broken.
Use plastic cutlery also have to pay attention to security issues, and its pretty color pattern surface containing lead, cadmium and other harmful metals, so the protective film of plastic cutlery surface is very important, once cut, it is necessary to replace the new tableware. Market price: 40 to several hundred dollars to buy ceramic bright colors remind
1, see the quality. To see the product before buying the box or boxes of documents indicated the product name and grade, the purchase should try to choose the surface without defects-type structured products.
2, check appearance. Bowls products can be the same size as several specifications of products stacked together, observe their mutual distance from the uneven, irregular-type instructions. A single product can be flat or Flip on the glass to see if it fit with the glass in order to determine the size of its deformation. Also with your fingers tapping rim, if issued a husky voice, stating the existence of cracks.
3, as far as the big supermarkets, large shopping malls to buy. For small market stalls sell or casual no quality assurance ceramic products it is best not to buy.
4, note bowls, plates patterns, glaze color is bright. Not bright when DECORATED temperature may not meet the requirements, lead and cadmium are often higher.
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