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a ceramic mug cup solid color custom ceramic coffee mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers    
ceramic mug, stand up from the soil; a cup, from the fire till the inner man; a cup, stand out from the thin glaze Chan Yi, the reservoir full of expectant eyes.
A cup, put through the dark, lonely and helpless installed over. A cup, heard of tea, kissed Xiangchun; a cup; installed over Chinese character waiting to digest, installed over verse evil depths of time white discipline. In addition to the eyes, it's never too full of emptiness. In addition to hard, it never occurred to break themselves.
Bam slamming open heart, pierced its pain. History of broken cups never ever installed on any hope, can not even return to home soil.
Apart from the last time it chew its own, it is simply not satisfactory life too. Apart from some blue decorations, life without friends, life had not really planted flowers.
Epitaph written on the cup: the earth conceived by the fire with a large, had a brilliant fantasy, had a stunning visual impact.
All this is history in an instant hit pretty broken. Prior to this, no one knows its hidden heart broken, sharp and acerbic.
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