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navy blue 12 constellations ceramic mugs cups

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
navy blue 12 constellations ceramic mugs cups
The emergence of celadon porcelain than later, archaeologists generally believed that the emergence of the earliest porcelain (AD 575) Cui Fan tomb unearthed in Anyang, Henan Northern Qi Dynasty Wuping six years, with some degree of physical Kiln white symbol. Its tire material Suisi after washing, but still look rough glaze iron content is high, far and later the Sui fine white porcelain. This porcelain is likely to be in local mineral raw materials, slightly washing or processing, firing in an oxidizing atmosphere formed. To the Sui Dynasty, porcelain production process matures. Kaihuang fifteen years (AD 595) Zhang Sheng porcelain tomb unearthed in the tomb has been more pure Fan better, but still regarded as green, white porcelain or Shaopian between white artifacts, less hair Xi'an suburb pour out of the Sui four years (608 AD) tomb porcelain Jing training. In general, the more mature and mass production since the Tang Dynasty porcelain should be "the world is equally common," the white porcelain bowl represented within the mound. Qiu than modern ceramic porcelain, not inferior. Therefore, the origin of white porcelain, according to the current archaeological excavations, can be traced back to the Northern Qi period or Sui, about fourteen hundred years ago. In terms of a mature product that counts, and after reaching a certain number, should be in more than one thousand two hundred years. Northern Tang Dynasty porcelain kilns have Xing, Gong Xian Zhu kiln. Southern white porcelain production late to the Five Dynasties period, Jingdezhen kiln was gradually wins Meiting such as Xing burning white porcelain. After the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing all times, Jingdezhen porcelain craftsmanship progressive development. Especially after the Yuan Dynasty, with the development of glaze color, glaze color and painting skills as well as a higher level of vitrified porcelain, pure white glaze quickly crossed the area in which the formation of a new tire painted white with glass porcelain combining system. Fujian Dehua porcelain kilns in the Song Dynasty began firing, then gradually become China's distinctive "lard white" and "ivory" porcelains.

Because of different geological occurrences clay materials, plus the furnace structure, fuel and other factors, many aluminum content of northern white porcelain firing temperature higher than the South, about 1300 a 1350 . Southern white porcelain firing temperature of 1200 ~ 1280. Northern Song Dynasty porcelain shades due to multiple secondary firing or by iron oxide, etc. in an oxidizing atmosphere IMPACT microstrip yellow shade; southern places restore the flame burning, showing white in Fan Qing.
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