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Minions ceramic mugs cups What piezoelectric ceramics

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Minions ceramic mug cups

Piezoelectric ceramics is a functional ceramics a very wide application. Daily life, many people use the "electronic lighters" and electronic ignition gas stove on, is an application of piezoelectric ceramics. Ignition is the use of piezoelectric characteristics of piezoelectric ceramics, onto which a force is applied, to produce a high voltage of more than a dozen kV, resulting in a spark discharge, to achieve the purpose of ignition.

After the piezoelectric ceramic is actually a polarization treatment, ferroelectric ceramics having piezoelectric effect. It was in 1946 when it was confirmed that the barium titanate ferroelectric ceramics have come out after the beginning: Almost a decade later, Jaffe (Jaffe) and so they found a PbZrO2 PbTi03 system (the so-called PZT system) and later found ternary niobate piezoelectric ceramics and ceramics mPZT is based. Piezoelectric ceramic performance and applicability has been greatly improved. Especially the emergence of ternary piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics in the choice of certain coupling coefficient, temperature characteristics have greater leeway to meet the diverse requirements of electronic equipment, so that the piezoelectric ceramic greatly increase the range of applications a. Such as ceramic filters and ceramic frequency, electro-acoustic transducers, acoustic transducers, acoustic wave devices, and electro-optical devices, infrared detector and a piezoelectric gyroscope, are piezoelectric ceramics in modern electronic technology applications.

In order to meet the growing demands of industrial development proposed for piezoelectric ceramics, from the perspective of the material prepared, the piezoelectric ceramic efforts should be carried out in three directions:

The new method (1) preparation developed PbTiO3, PbNb206 other materials, to improve the sintering properties, so that the characteristics of these materials into full play;

(2) Study of the piezoelectric material thin film, in order to accommodate miniaturization of electronic circuits, lightweight needs;

(3) composite ceramics and plastics, made to meet the special needs of the piezoelectric composite ceramic materials, all of which will make the production and application of piezoelectric ceramics to produce a new leap forward.
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