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Kung Fu Panda ceramic mugs cups drinkware drinkup

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Kung Fu Panda ceramic mug cups drinkware drinkup

The main phase is a polycrystalline alumina ceramic corundum (A12O3), it is also known as corundum. The chemical composition of A12O33 content in more than 90%, usually based on the value A12O3 content, but also known as the "1992 porcelain," "September porcelain", "1997 porcelain." "1992 porcelain" refers A12O3 content of 92%.

The main raw materials used in industrial alumina, industrial minerals such as aluminum with natural high-alumina bauxite. By alkaline or acid treatment derived purity of 98% to 99%. This is a white loose crystal powder. Fineness control in less than 4, in order to facilitate sintering. But smaller than the particles should be controlled at around 15 to 30%, in order to inhibit recrystallization of corundum when the firing products. In addition, the raw material grinding process but also in processing of pickling, in order to remove possible into iron. When the raw material plus pickling Sui to 70 ~ 80  when using hydrochloric acid, to wash three times, then rinse with water 7-10 times, to date no Fe3 + ions.

Firing temperature varies greatly depending on the recipe. A12O3 content of 90% of the recipes can be fired at about 1450; Ninth porcelain firing temperature of 1600 , A12O3 content of more than 99% of the formula, its sintering temperature up to 1750 ~ 1800. To control recrystallization, some for certain high temperature short time microcrystalline corundum porcelain firing at 1780 holding time only 1min. Sintering atmosphere has a significant impact and recrystallization of alumina ceramic, is generally considered the best protection is argon atmosphere, followed by air. When using hot pressing, at about 1600 can get close to the theoretical density products. Additives Mg0, CaO, Sr0, etc. can generate a small amount of phase transition in the porcelain bodies, due to the surface wetting, surface tension, solubility and so on, accordingly to promote sintering.
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