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Spiderman ceramic mugs cups What is the fine ceramics

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Spiderman sublimation ceramic mugs cups
The reader may have already heard that China has always been able to produce fine ceramic products and famous. Here the word "fine ceramics" refers to the traditional pottery and porcelain.

China is the first country in the world to create pottery, pottery rough texture, porosity, water absorption, low intensity. The porcelain and pottery different, fine texture, hard, completely non-absorbent, smooth, glazed surface can be subjected to high intensity. The Three Kingdoms era of China's ceramics are quite beautiful. It was not until the fifteenth century, Europeans learned making porcelain. Because of pottery, porcelain similarities in terms of performance, the production process of a lot, so people put such products collectively referred to as ceramics. This is the traditional ceramic we usually contacted.

For a long time, the ceramic material usually ceramic, porcelain tile hygiene and other daily necessities and refractories, electrical insulators, chemical containers and other industrial supplies these products for civilian services in the form of human society. However, since the 1970s. With the rapid development of science and technology of ceramic. New ceramic with excellent performance are emerging. Thus, in the past few decades, the concept of the ceramic material has undergone dramatic qualitative change. Mankind has entered the era of traditional ceramics from fine ceramics (new ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) era. As a representative of fine ceramic materials have been or are being developed various functional ceramic device has excellent insulating properties, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, semiconducting, magnetic properties, and can replace a variety of mechanical parts, has excellent mechanical strength properties and reliability of structural ceramic materials.

For the precise definition of "Fine Ceramics", the term, although to be further discussed, but the concept of the term indicated, has increasingly been recognized. Chinese, Japanese and English names have a corresponding relationship.

And contains the following definition summarizes the characteristics and the meaning of "Fine Ceramics" The most essential of the term: a highly selection of feedstock powder with precisely engineered chemical composition, by molding and sintering method of carefully controlled to ceramic manufacturing, processing and structural design, thus having excellent characteristics of ceramic, called fine ceramics.
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