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Mickey ceramic mug cup How to correctly understand the low-temperature alkaline glazed ceramic tradition

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Mickey ceramic mugs cup

Temperature alkaline glaze traditional Chinese ceramics, can be roughly divided into the potash as flux and flux with lead powder to two categories. Only former Song Cizhou peacock green and after the mid-Ming Tao Jin production method fetal and Jingdezhen in China three color see; the latter is more common, a lot of variety. Scientists have made many studies. Such as Han's green glaze, Pb0 46.89%, Cu0 1.26%; three color of lead-glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty (the Tang Dynasty) of blue glaze, Pb0 45.00%, CoO 1.03%, CuO 0.38%; Song glaze, PbO 54.84%, CuO 2.80% Ming Hongzhi yellow glaze, Pb0 45.00%, Fe203 3.66%, K2O 1.39% and other samples. KN03 Because soluble in water, so many applied to the tire or prefabricated stone frit use. On tone variety, can be divided into green (Cu2 + ion with form, color), yellow, or brown (Fe +++ ions coloring), and blue (C0O4) 2- ion coloring, Mn, Fe, Cu toner), red (Fe2O3 fine particles suspension colored purple (main color for Mn, Fe, Co palette), the red (Kangxi period introduced from abroad) and other low-temperature glaze ancient glass phases belong PbO SiO binary system;.. while the Ming and Qing glaze Choi is a case of PbO-Si02 system K2O three yuan Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi and because the arsenic compound by adding color and created a pastel no arsenic called ancient color glaze color or multicolored. After a period of time, with the glaze under color of decorative glass ceramic tire temperature gradually replace most of the monochrome glazed. We can say that at that time in society contributed to the change in the traditional ceramic decoration.
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