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Ceramic promotional gifts mug cup drinkware drinkup tableware

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Ceramic promotional gifts mug cup drinkware drinkup tableware

. "Fast" approaching what extent, only depending on the circumstances, but nor is it suddenly accelerated, but to improve as the furnace structure, refractory materials, operating conditions, and gradually accelerated. Therefore, ceramic mug the study of how to accelerate the existing tunnel kiln firing rate is of great significance. Opinions talk below:

(1) properly handle the relationship between quantity and quality: the rapid firing, of course, increase the number of products, but should be in the premise of guaranteeing quality continues to increase the number, that is, it should be in a good and fast, and in a good premise fast. If not, simply the pursuit of quantity, the results make a scrap or reduce the quality of products, then, in the final analysis, it will not have the number. Fast, had to slow down. So, continue to study ways to improve the quality of products is an important prerequisite for rapid firing.

(2) to achieve fast firing kiln, the throughput per unit time increases, which requires greatly increased the efficiency of the furnace. Therefore, in order to achieve fast firing kiln is necessary from the overall situation to consider, research questions, how to improve the overall efficiency of the furnace, with a global perspective, in order to better address the problems of each local.

(3) from the preheating brings say, is to increase the preheating temperature, reducing the temperature difference between the warm-up to bring down. Many ways, a very important one, is to ensure the kiln sealed under good premise, and increase the chimney pumping power. Chimney pumping power increases, the gas flow speed can be improved convective heat transfer effect, narrow upper and lower temperature. But one must be in order to produce results in the kiln seal good premise. Otherwise, a lot of cold air sucked into the kiln at never tight, it will make the gas stratification is more serious, so that upper and lower temperature increases, the kiln preheating temperature could be reduced. In this case boils down to is:

(4) from the firing brings say, is to try to increase the intensity of the heat of the furnace space. Because of the speed accelerates, the unit of time into the kiln's products more, which requires more heat in the furnace unit time within the kiln, which is to improve the spatial furnace heat intensity.

(5) cooling zone is mainly to improve the cooling system to make it more rational and more efficient. Here are three must pay particular attention:  control quench, slow cooling area, be treated differently, anxious, slow properly. If the quench zone is not urgent, not slow slow cooling zone, there will be products Mongolia color, glaze shock, cracking, sagger damage and other defects.  Note cooling uniformity. Regardless of quenching or slow cooling, should try to make the cooling uniformity, so that you can speed up the cooling rate, improve product quality. Now cooled with many defects are out in the cooling zone above uneven cooling. At the moment, more emphasis preheating zone, firing temperature difference with the problem, but the problem of the temperature difference between the cooling zone is often ignored in the past, which is supposed to change over. To take effective measures to reduce the cooling zone of the upper and lower horizontal temperature difference,  can be considered an integrated cooling, pumping hot air into the cold, installed water tanks, boiler safety these cooling methods have their advantages and disadvantages, conditional units can be obtained from these cooling several selected to perform a comprehensive cooling, so that these cooling methods complement each other to improve the cooling effect.
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