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Ceramic White mug cup What porcelain production process operating point is

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
White ceramic mug cup
Porcelain production process and porcelain almost, but there are also significant differences.

Fineness of milling blanks than porcelain to be rough, mud too small, easy to produce S-shaped crack. Vacuum pug to be many times as possible to remove stock gas, in order to improve the dielectric strength of the product, reduce drying and cracking. Mud segment moisture content should be particularly accurate, otherwise it will affect the strength of the blank plastic molding. For example, a large segment of porcelain clay extrusion casing 3 ~ 6t, the Flow divided when 18% to support its own weight, if water is divided into 19%, the bottom will not bear the weight of deformation and cracking.

Jiggering water blank is generally 24 to 26%. Shaped to plastic based method, but when used in plastic molding method means more than porcelain rich, because the shape and structure of the product is also much more complex than porcelain. Cutting down the amount of Yuni particularly when porcelain forming. Porcelain electric and hot air drying is often used combined. Drying is the use of electric power frequency and high-frequency current to wet blank as a conductor, energized by an electric effect to make internal body moisture and temperature gradients close to the same direction in order to achieve uniform drying effect. This method can shorten the drying period, but the high production costs, especially with the lower water content, an increase in power consumption. It is desirable to hot air drying at low moisture, such as 8% or less. However, hot air drying to prevent the influence of "Guotang Feng" in order to avoid partial drying too fast, uneven shrinkage cracking or deformation.

In the firing, the temperature moderate, long firing cycle is porcelain firing institutional characteristics. Especially in the evaporation stage, the fire insulation and high thermal insulation stage for a long time. This is because the thickness of the body porcelain body is generally large, evaporation, and the average temperature needs to have more time, or easy to produce defects.
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