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branded ceramic mugs cups drinkware Ceramic logo have any special requirements

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
branded ceramic mugs cups drinkware

Ceramic logo, in addition there are commonalities with other trademark has its particularity. Because it draws in the bottom of the foot diagram porcelain bottom foot area is generally small, and called for the image of generalization, accurate, clear, easy to understand, makes clear.

Meanwhile properly handle the physical location and space, making it an important part of the overall decor, adding decorative artistic effect.

In addition, ceramic manufacturers also developed to determine the type based on the use of the trademark features of the product. Trademarks are mainly dedicated unified trademarks and trademarks of two categories. A trademark is a unified enterprise all similar products use a trademark; special trademark is depending on the quality of products, respectively, using different trademarks within an enterprise.

German company Rosenthal is depending on the quality of the product, use a different trademark. No defective product with "ROSENTHAL" trademark; slightly defective product then use "THOMAS" trademark, so to avoid poor quality inferior goods to affect the reputation of high-end products.
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