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Ceramic matt color glazed mug cup How to do after pasting decals showing bubbles

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Ceramic matt color glazed ceramic mugs cup

After pasting decals showing bubbles, wrinkles, pitting and other defects, mainly due to improper or operating agent ratio paste sloppy. Overcome by:

(1) against the adhesive preparation with alcohol solution should be based on the season, climate change and the film thickness, adjust the proportion of alcohol. Low temperature in winter and spring, the film is slow to soften, paste agent alcohol should be increased. Otherwise it will show bubbles, summer and fall at room temperature is high, the film easier to soften the adhesive preparation may be appropriate to reduce the proportion of alcohol, a thin layer of paper flowers also appropriate to reduce the ratio of the film thickness of paper flowers.

(2) decals operation, one should not stick too many products, generally 20 ~ 30min turnaround time. Paste finished batch of paper flowers should be promptly scraped off, gelling. Such as high temperature, the volatile alcohol, the time is too long, it is difficult to scratch formation to produce bubbles and other defects.

(3) When operating, alcohol should not be open to put the adhesive preparation, insisted add add less frequently to prevent the alcohol evaporates.

(4) Dust on the product and paste the agent you want to wipe the remaining liquid. Prevent broken gold, pitting and flower color is not bright.
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