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Branded promotional ceramic mugs cups What is a decal printing

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Branded promotional ceramic mugs cups

Applique method is to ceramic pigment according to different patterns printed and coated in a special paper or special plastic film, then put paper flowers attached to the ceramic surface, through bake bake, make ceramic pigment fixation on the surface of the article, in order to achieve color decoration purposes. This approach is applique method.

Paper decal decal operation should pay attention to the modulation of adhesive, thin thick should be appropriate to the thickness of the surface applied products should be appropriate. Product surface should be clean, paper flowers are to be posted. To carefully with a sponge or rubber rollers flatten to remove creases and bubbles. When exposing the paper to pay attention to the paper soaked, and then carefully unfold, do not stick to the pigment.

Decal film decal operation should pay attention to controlling the concentration of alcohol is good, usually around 30%, some light in summer, winter can be concentrated more. Second, we must keep the product surface clean and free of dust, are to be posted and to prevent creasing of paper flowers, and to carefully roll level.
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