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Why is it smooth and delicate ceramic cup mugs

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We start with daily use ceramic mugs creamy feel like glass to the touch, but there are some subtle differences, ceramics produced this feature let us love for ceramic utensils also have to ask: Why is it so smooth ceramic it? Let's give everyone introduced:
We all know that ceramic smooth, beautiful and environmental health, but it is these peculiar nature we see much but turn a blind eye, so today we'll explore together the mystery about ceramic smooth it!
In ceramics for daily use, we saw just white cups, teapots, etc., more painted with colorful patterns, or elegant, or Hang these patterns is how to draw it up?
In fact, whether it is located or colorful ceramic pattern smooth ceramic mysteries, these things are related to a relevant, that is, "glaze."
Glaze, is attached to a continuous glassy layer on the ceramic body, so we will feel when touched with a ceramic glass article which is similar to the role of the enamel.
Ceramic enamel is thin, only about one percent to three percent of their body thickness, which is then fired in a high temperature environment only attached to the body, it can make the ceramic becomes dense, smooth, fine the enamel will give slightly sticky feeling.
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