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Daisy-used ceramic mugs cups New product development in the strategy

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Daisy-used ceramic mugs cups

Modern commodity production and management of user requirements for entrepreneurs to establish the concept of quality concept, the concept of competition, the concept of time. All these have a direct and open up the variety and improve the management of associated products.

To develop varieties, including new products and technologies to develop new markets new products in two ways. The former refers to the change in type, flower, decoration of new products; the latter refers to a new quality and functionality. Therefore, the new product can be divided into new products, replacement products, improve products and generic products into four categories. Ceramic product categories more, from large ceramic perspective, the above four categories of new products have, but household ceramics perspective, the major improvement of new generic products and new products. The improvement of new products, but also mainly an issue in the flower decoration. World famous ceramic manufacturers are basically like this. Such as Germany Luo Sener company produces tableware, coffee shape only a few, but long-term stable and unchanging, but decorative images, patterns are constantly, every year decoration new, unique new products on the market, and thus subject to the consumer the favorite. American "family" magazine determinants of 500 women had to buy porcelain tableware conducted during the investigation, in the form of payment, country of origin, brand, type, decor, price, etc. can be returned seven factors, decorative 22%, only 12% type. Thus, the development of new products porcelain should be more efforts in the decoration.

Ceramic product management is also a very important issue. Here are a relatively advanced "product code Management Act." After the series for each product type varieties by a code, and properly retain the rough blanks drawings, mold species, porcelain objects and printed promotional samples. Product code consists of six digits, the first two digits represent the product range and style pattern, such as a certain style home with porcelain; the middle two digits represent the product features, such as plates, cups, pots, etc., on behalf of the last two digits main specifications.

As 500,119 varieties: 50011950 representative diameter 19cm01 representative on behalf of the flat plate 19, there are two lines of edge styling flouncing home with porcelain tableware.

If you use words to express the above species. Must be written as "edge has two lines flounced shape of household porcelain 19cm flat disk. Very wordy, and now only one code" 500119 "on the all-clear.

Product modeling is often complex and diverse. Porcelain with family, the same size specifications. Shapes are round, square; there broadside, narrow and so on. All families with porcelain as a series, the first two digits from 50 to 99 beginning knitting, all the first two numbers are 50, 51 ...... 99 families who are all different shapes porcelain. Similarly, the head two digits from 00, 01 ...... 49 who are different shapes of the hotel with porcelain. As the representative of the hotel with 000,312 square porcelain salad plate 12 cm in. Customer orders regardless of the letter calls on the code to know what to write porcelain, what species you want, what size, plain and simple. This management approach to product numbers for internal factory production management and foreign exchange provides great convenience.
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