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ceramic tea cup with cover ceramic mug How to prepare potassium soap and water

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ceramic tea cup with cover ceramic mug

Potash soap water is a ceramics factory commonly used as a mold release agent. The formula for the:

Potassium carbonate is 29 ~ 31%

Rosin 7.5 ~ 1l%

Lime block 14 to 18%

Tung 45 ~ 49%

System of law: the water in the pot to boil, the water amount was 15 times to add potassium carbonate, adding lime block, boil for 20 ~ 30min, addition of potassium carbonate, continue to boil for 4 h, then pan precipitation, remove the water liquid in a container (commonly known as the first pot of water). In the precipitate, adding to the previous the same amount of water, boil 2 ~ 3 h after the pan precipitation, to slag. The clear liquid into another container (the liquid called a pot of water), then the pan clean.

Taking the first pot of water, the 50% pot of water into the pot boil, adding rosin for 15min, then add oil. At the same time, the rest of the head, pot of water to boil add to pot, 4 ~ 6 h, until boil into jelly. When in use, the concentration of colloidal material by adding appropriate amount of water, usually with 1:10 add water, put into the pot heated to boil, stirring evenly
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