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stoneware Nescafe coffee cup mug How to reduce the deformation and cracking defect in the process of forming

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stoneware Nescafe coffee ceramic mug

The deformation and cracking of ceramic products is a comprehensive, many causes, from raw materials to the firing of the whole process is likely to produce the defects of products. In order to reduce the deformation and cracking defects, from the formation point of view, we should pay attention to the following questions:

(1) in the design should pay attention to the rationality of structure shape, prevent body top heavy and mouth and foot diameter ratio is not reasonable.

(2) in the forming of mud cake size and weight to the right, as far as possible not to add a gouge in the compact process.

(3) model to ensure the quality, to accurately size, surface should be smooth without holes, specifications should be unified.

(4) throw mud to prevent falling deviation.

(5) type knife compacts with mud plate, a fixed knife to standard, pay attention to under the thin thickness, so that the body has enough support, pressure strength weight consistent, uniform to solid.

(6) water should be uniform and less, closure edge to Qi and the net.

(7) rough blank stripping to timely, can not be forcibly demoulding, do not overlap in the wet blank.

(8) the stem trimming, keep uniform thickness, brush less water and uniform.

(9) the strict implementation of the drying system, prevent the uneven heating.

(10) equipment can not be sick, wheel center shaft should be positive.
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