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how to de Ceramic plate, dinner plate, dinner set sign the disc type products to be not easy deformation

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Disc type product deformation mainly in handicap uneven, not round, the upper convex, concave. In the design should be the following several aspects to consider, in order to prevent the deformation.

(1) diameter and foot size proportion to reasonable. If the diameter is too large or full size is too small, it is easy to cause the disc bottom convex, disc blade down; if the diameter is too small, the foot size is too large, the disc bottom concave, disc blade upwards, the general ratio: diameter: diameter of =1:0.61 ~ 0.67.

(2) the tilt angle disc blade should be reasonable, to prevent the disc leaf fell, general appropriate to 30. Or not less than 30.. Inside and outside the fold point flanging disc should be avoided in the same vertical line
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