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Ceramic spoon mug cup What are the advantages and disadvantages of the roller kiln

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Roller kiln for the original ingot heating furnace of metallurgical industry, thirty in the 1980s Americans implanted it in ceramic industry. Through the improvement and the development of a few years, roller kiln kiln body is perfect in structure design, roll material and process system, become nearly twenty years more advanced ceramics industry rapid firing kiln, Italy Siti (SlT 1) kiln company sells various types of roller kiln to the Federal Republic of Germany, the UK, USA, the Soviet Union and Czech and other countries, China.

Roller kiln tunnel area is small, and flat, and heating in the roll axis, to adjust the temperature, reduce the temperature difference, the temperature distribution, facilitates the accurate control of sintering curve. Due to the rapid firing to shorten the time of firing, production volume increases. In addition, without the kiln car, cages and kiln, reduce their consumption of heat storage, heat energy is greatly reduced, significantly save fuel. At the same time, don't push bulky kiln car and the kiln, therefore, the power needed is reduced, the power consumption is reduced accordingly. In general, compared with other kiln application roller kiln fire or burning glaze products heat consumption, can reduce about 1/3.

The main problem is, because of the restrict of the material used in roller, length should not be too long. Moreover, long-term operation at high temperature, because the load will produce deformation and wear, often need to change. Therefore, the use of temperature roller kiln is generally not more than 1250 , applicable to porous or fire.
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