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Ceramic football mug cup what physicochemical changes in the heating process

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Ceramic football mug cup

The molecular formula of two water gypsum is CaS04 2H20, which can be seen, chemical structure it is calcium sulfate crystal has two water of crystallization. In different heating conditions, the water is easy to emerge, become various crystal half water gypsum and anhydrite. When the temperature of the heating at 65 , two water gypsum will begin to release water, but dehydration speed is slow. At 107 , water vapor pressure up to 971mmHg, the dehydration speed becomes fast. As the temperature continues to rise, dehydration is more accelerated, in L 70 - L90 , two water gypsum quickly dehydrated into alpha hemihydrate gypsum or beta hemihydrate gypsum. When the temperature continues to rise to 220  and 320  360 , half water gypsum continues to dehydration into anhydrite alpha soluble. But the generated under the condition of 220  anhydrous 100 paste more easily in the air suction into semi hydrated gypsum. Anhydrous gypsum into during the period 450 - 750 , insoluble anhydrous gypsum. The anhydrous gypsum which we usually said "dead burned" gypsum; it is difficult to dissolve in water, almost no condensation, and do not have the strength. At 800 , anhydrous gypsum decomposition to CaO and SO2 plus O2 condensation ability, then mainly by coagulation CaO instead of gypsum. This decomposition in 1050  is more intense, until 1350 . In reducing atmosphere, is helpful to the decomposition of CaSO4
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