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Ceramic Eco-friendly cup mug How to make the drying system

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
Ceramic coffee mug wholesale Eco-friendly cup

According to some body drying process, the drying temperature, humidity and gas flow rate, and medium flow were reasonable formulate control measures. In the initial drying stage, the general practice of low temperature and high humidity. Because the elbow phase is mainly make green heating, heat flow through the surface to inner, resulting in surface than in the inner heater, body thin parts than thick parts quickly, so that the body of the formation of temperature and moisture gradient. It is easy to cause the inner layer and the outer layer of the various parts of the body or uneven contraction, resulting in cracking and deformation body. In order to avoid this phenomenon, must make the body inside and outside the uniform heating, and make the body heat, the surface evaporation is not too heavy, so this stage with high humidity and low temperature to control the drying is necessary, and the focus is also on the high humidity. This control method to high clay formulation of the body more appropriate. The implementation of high temperature and low humidity drying period, strong ventilation to control, drying speed so easy to obtain high efficiency.

Wind speed and air drying medium must be appropriate, too high energy consumption, but will The loss outweighs the gain., extremely easy to cause deformation or cracking.

After taking gypsum drying temperature is 50  60 , demoulding, up to 70 ~ 100.
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