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brand promotion ceramic mugs cups what matters Fry the paste

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brand promotion ceramic mug cups

Fry the paste operation should pay attention to ?

(1) fried paste, paste pot and check up with other equipment is normal. And make the firebox firing preparations.

(2) the gypsum powder, adding quantitative start the mixer, stirring constantly.

(3) coal to uniform the firebox, small fire began, to prevent local burned gypsum.

(4) fried paste temperature control in 170 ~ 190, shall not exceed the temperature index 200 concrete. According to the different performance of natural gypsum in the range of 170 ~ 190 measured to determine. In the frying process, should always check the temperature of gypsum powder.

(5) note boiling phenomena of gypsum. Fried paste process in general can see two boiling phenomenon (i.e. bubble phenomenon), but sometimes the second bubble phenomenon is not clear. Each stage of the bubble, is beginning to vesicles, slowly continued up until the end and bullae, disappear. This is the two water gypsum discharge 1.5 water. As the bubble gradually reduced to the attention of pressure reducing fire, fire, etc. the bubble disappeared, it is considered that cast fry.
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