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ceramic color changing mug cup, magic mug cup How to use make-up soil

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ceramic mug color changing cup, magic mug cup

Cosmetic earth called cover paste or engobe, with similar nature body, after burning does not have the gloss. In general is a blank surface coated with a layer of thin slurry, namely the make-up soil, then the glaze.

Makeup soil is mainly used for sanitary ware and glazed tiles and other building ceramics. To cover up the white make-up soil, provided the conditions for the use of inferior raw material. In daily ceramics can also use make-up soil to decorate, can be added in the paste in the 5 ~ 7% pigment feldspar, 15 ~ 20%, the other with 35~40% modulation into a slurry, the spraying method of applying.

Engobe expansion coefficient should be close to the billet, glaze, or in the firing or drying easily.
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