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Eco-friendly ceramic mug what influence has to model Fried paste quality

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Eco-friendly custom ceramic mug with lid

Gypsum fried old or fried anxious, hardening slow will turn over the mold, bibulous rate is poor wear resistance and other defects. If fried paste at low temperature, frying time is longer, the rapid hardening, wear intensity. Identification of gypsum frying is appropriate, generally there are three kinds of methods. One is the plaster mixed with water, after hardening with a knife cut, section was not rough shape and a smooth shape, and there is no bubble, that frying temperature is appropriate, to fry requirements. Second is the use of glass or glass into the heat in the plaster immediately offered, such as gypsum powder is not sticky glass or glass, it is considered that the gypsum have been fried. This is a simple method to estimate the fried paste operation. The third was measured with a thermometer. For the determination of semi hydrated gypsum also can be identified through the laboratory test method.
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