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pumpkin ceramic mugs cup How to use the ash

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pumpkin ceramic mugs cup

The ash is the largest electric Xu causes formula change the formula -- is also useful substances. Trees, shrubs, plants and the growth of these trees and plants and soil, plant cut years placed, are the factors affecting the ash composition. These contain factors ash introduction of formula, the changes caused by natural formula. The ideal plant ash is ash or Bonfire complete combustion ash -- hearth in the ash. The collected fine ash should be carefully stored in covered containers.

Wood ash is the basic composition of glaze. In the absence of washing conditions, plant ash with carbon and wood not fully burning. The official use, must think of a way to clean. Otherwise, these impurities will cause a series of glaze defects. The most undesirable sieving can be cleared out. Washing and sieving method to select plant ash, prior to the ashes in a big bucket and uniformly stirring. Not fully burning wood and carbon will float on the water, and good dust will slowly sinking. A few hours later, soluble potassium and sodium whole Zou is dissolved in water, and pale yellow. This layer of liquid dumped or siphon Straw suck.

This process was repeated three times, plant ash seems to washing compared to net. Next, put the mixture of water and ash mix, 80 mesh sieving, and let it slowly precipitation, as far as possible to remove water, mud shovel out cold, put it in the burned large bowl is a good drying method. The dried plant ash should be stored in a labeled container with a cover. Mixed ash or ash bonfire of the sword is the most common ash (the ash has used in the formula). However, occasionally may be obtained by oak (Quercus) trees, apple trees, tree privet firing "single" ash. This kind of plant ash can exhibit unique properties different from other ash in glaze.
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