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new style ceramic eco cup How to overcome the Golden phenomenon

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new style ceramic eco cup
Reason: "Golden" There are two kinds of phenomena, when one is depicted in golden porcelain surface, and second gold after decorating products appear on the break or shift. The former is mainly because Goldwater thin (small concentration) due. The latter often due DECORATED warming too fast, bad firing atmosphere (such as films and other reasons volatile) caused. In addition, porcelain surfaces dirty, stained with water or other substances will produce such problems.

Methods to overcome: Goldwater concentration is small, you can open the mouth of the container, to some volatile solvent, or into a large part of the concentration of Goldwater, stir well to use.

If it is attached to the film Decal products appear after DECORATED gold beads move or break point, are advised to use the film Goldwater. In addition, you can take steps to improve the structure or decorating kiln operation, dilute yards bulk, extend below 400preheating time and so on. Before the product decorated with gold, porcelain surface to clean, and decorated with gold instruments must be kept clean.
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