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ceramic glazed crack mug cup How to use glazed crack

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
ceramic glazed crack mug cup

The balance of forces between the glaze layer and the body is the guarantee of glaze good combination of high strength and critical condition. During firing, glaze gradually melting and penetrate into the surface of the blank body, forming an intermediate layer between the body and glaze. In accordance with the glaze composition, the middle layer and the body and glaze layer are not the same, some common characteristics but also has the glazed and blank. A qualified, the glaze is almost equal to the expansion. If the glaze, such as sodium potassium is easy to cause high expansion flux of content is high, then, will appear when melting glaze expansion phenomenon, when the cooling of these fluxes the glaze layer than body contraction for more intense. The crack of the large Zhang Yingli might lead glazed fine hair like that, and the crack will quickly stretch and extend in the pottery surface. This is not good for vitrified pottery, is a serious defect. Because the water along the crack into the body, the household that pottery is not sanitary. The way to overcome this is to enhance the quality of sintering temperature, and then reduce the product porosity. Stoneware glaze cracks from the health point of view, though it seems not to be so important, however, to be aware of these cracks will seriously affect the strength of stoneware. Compared with plywood, two layers together strength was greater than that of a situation. If there is a layer of cracked or broken, strength is another layer of severely reduced. Often the use of pottery, are frequent operation, crack appears is a defect.

But in some decorative vase, people took advantage of this defect. Crackle glaze is famous for China potters use a pioneering cracking defects. According to different position and different blank glaze in the furnace, can obtain the effect of different crack. If the surface is coated with a layer of metal oxides, the effect is more distinct crack glaze. For connoisseurs, crack is an important appearance of the vase. When the crack is considered a defect, it is necessary to increase the glaze consistency to prevent enamel melt flow. May be appropriate to increase the low expansion coefficient of the material, which accordingly instead of with the alkaline flux of high expansion coefficient factor. Low expansion coefficient of the material have Magnesium Oxide, lithium oxide, quartz etc.. Particularly significant is added in the glaze in a small amount of talc.

In addition, burning test at different temperature, slightly a little low or high. Can also add the right amount of boron in glaze, such as boric acid calcium, will help to overcome the crack defect.
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