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ceramic spoon mug cup How to prepare toner?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-9
ceramic spoon mug cup

The main processes of pigment: mixed; calcination; washing; smash.

(1) mixture

The final color colorant, influenced by adding other ingredients in the colorants is very big, therefore, in order to make each batch of packets expected to issue the same tone, must be in accordance with the composition of weighing and mixing quality will be the same as the raw material of fine. The best method of mixed is wet grinding, drying, sieving. The other method is called dry, will all kinds of raw materials through a 60 mesh sieve, or dry mixing. Which method is adopted, can press the color varieties.

(2) calcining

Calcination is an important process for the color, the purpose is to make the stabilization. In the calcination process, because the material properties of different will have different reactions. Using the temperature of calcination temperature minimum and final products of the same color. The calcination of decomposition and combination reaction.

The decomposition. Many of the raw materials for heating and gas. Such as decomposition calcination of incomplete, use products will be due to gas discharges and bubble, rupture, or leaving white spots in the painted parts, while the color shift to colorless parts.

II. Colored compound product colorant, mostly in a non active material for calcining billet, glaze melting process after and other raw materials. Especially the spinel pigments can be used in high temperature. Mixed in various colorants and pigments, such as black pigment, burning fully is especially important, as the solid phase reaction cannot complete reaction and achieve full sintering, due to separation occurs for each solution in the glaze, will appear in the decoration color mixing phenomenon.

Usually in the kiln or glaze kiln is a part of the seal of calcination sagger, but its exquisite color, the best use of many a pony and calcining kiln.

(3) washing

The coloring material calcined crushing, and then washed to remove soluble substances, net of. The use of chromate pigments must be washed with hot water, such as washing is not clean, there are soluble chromate, then around the chrome color will appear uneven depth.

(4) grinding

Washed with ball mill, wet grinding to the required fineness. The pigment particle size generally require all through 300 mesh sieve. Crushing is insufficient due to uneven granularity and difficult to use, or rather to punctate firing due to lack of hiding power. Conversely, excessive crushing, fine as dust, it can not fully fused in the glaze caused by rolling.
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